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The Combined Power of Agriculture and Tourism

Lancaster County inspires nostalgia for America’s rich agricultural heritage. According to the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitors Bureau, roughly half of tourism revenues in Lancaster County are related to agriculture. The annual value of tourism in the county is estimated at $1.19 billion, with around $580 million attributable to agriculture. Three of the top six reasons that people cite for visiting the area are the Amish, food and drink, and the area’s history. Additional research would help further define the role of agriculture and tourism.

Local residents also appreciate and support places that celebrate agriculture. The Landis Valley Museum, which features the Pennsylvania Dutch agricultural history; the Turkey Hill Experience, which features the history of the dairy industry in the region; and Family Farm Days at Oregon Dairy, which open a thriving dairy farm to the public, are examples of places and events that draw locals and tourists alike.

Our Mission

Strategically cultivate, coordinate and celebrate Lancaster County agriculture and its global impact.

Our Core Values

  • We promote unity among the many agriculture interests
  • We collaborate with partners to better accomplish goals
  • We are visionary, strategic and proactive in addressing agricultural concerns
  • We advocate for the individual farmer/producer recognizing them as foundational to the agricultural industry
  • We care about the good of the Lancaster County community as a whole and the role of agriculture in that context

Did You Know?

Each year, Lancaster County Farmers feed people...

  • million eggs
  • million gallons of milk
  • million chicken
  • million pork
  • beef